Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dad and I about to set off at Dory Point, fresh faced (open to opinion) and excited!
Beautiful eagle spotted before we set out on the river.
Canoe packed, ready for the off, everything fits!

Sitting it out, waiting for the wind to die down before going underneath the Deh Cho bridge
Midnight sunset - this was towards the tail end of a mammoth 15 hour paddling day, not planned but this view was worth it
Mid day power nap (maxed out at about 3 minutes), we took turns whilst the other steered, not easy to sleep on the canoe but there was few Mosquitoes and a small breeze so we took our chance!
Jean Marie River, population of around 70, fascinating settlement , the locals couldn't have been friendlier.  First shower in a week - the reason i look so happy

Toilet break

Aboriginal Day celebrations (excuse the post), they are doing the 'reel of 4' dance, this derived from the 8 some reel, the dances were brought over by Scots fur traders who charmed the locals with their moves.

Doing a little bit flying.

Little Doctor Lake taken in as part of the Air Tour, done a little fishing and chilled out in the beautiful surroundings.

Virginia Falls - Looking pretty cool this guy

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures...they are great! It's good hearing your news. Love Kate x