Sunday, 8 July 2012

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  The dragon flies are amazing, they take out dozens of mosquitoes from the air, so quick, amazing creatures.
Slavering on the keyboard- BBQ at Tulita (check out fish in background)

Some way up Bear Rock, yes this is a pose, deep in thought about my next meal.
Tulita from the MacKenzie as we leave for Norman Wells

Soaking up the culture in the Norman Wells museum

The Ravens are huge, noisy, not very fond of them! I can see where Hitchcock got his inspiration from though.


  1. Hi Guys, What a marvellous opportunity, enjoy it all. Rae I'll see you back in the Highlands and you can tell me all about it. Take care see you soon Andymac

  2. Jacko.... You must bring back the stuffed moose head! Will look amazing in the flat! Keep up the good work fellas. Tom B